WWDC 2024, Apple Introduces Apple Intelligence and Siri Upgrade

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 keynote displayed Apple’s most recent developments, focusing mainly on artificial intelligence. This included the launch of Apple Intelligence, an extensive AI structure, and a significant revamp for Siri. Here is a concise summary of the key revelations.

Apple Intelligence Is Unveiled

The 2024 WWDC spotlighted Apple’s aspirations for AI with the unveiling of the new Apple Intelligence framework. It aims to incorporate AI throughout the Apple platform, improving experiences for users on all devices.

Key Developments,

  • Siri Empowered by AI, Siri has undergone a massive transformation, using generative AI to facilitate more organic and personalized exchanges. Conversational interaction with Siri is now possible, enabling better understanding of context and handling speech errors.
  • Incorporation of Genmoji and ChatGPT, the upcoming iOS 18 will introduce Genmoji, allowing users to generate AI based images in message conversations while also integrating OpenAI’s GPT4 into Siri for improved chatbot ability.

Collaborations and Availability

Apple announced plans to work with multiple other AI partners along with OpenAI. Google’s Gemini model was showcased as a future inclusion, but specifics have yet to be disclosed.

Device Compatibility, Limited Availability, Apple Intelligence will exclusively be attainable on the newest devices including iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, iPads plus Macs equipped with M1 or newer chips.

Siri Makeover 

Siri, the smart assistant, has been modernized by incorporating generative AI features to offer smoother and more userfriendly interactions. Siri now responds to typing input and features a new glow effect signalling when it is receptive.

Apple TV+ and InSight Feature

A new addition to Apple TV+, called InSight, similar to Amazon’s X-ray technology offers real-time data about actors and music as they appear during a program or film. Users can even directly add songs to their Apple Music playlists.

macOS Sequoia and iPhone Mirroring

The latest macOS upgrade called Sequoia introduces several new features including iPhone screen mirroring. This allows users to display their iPhone screens on their Macs for improved productivity and convenience.

Deep Dive into iPhone Mirroring,

Use Cases, Ideal support for app demos via video calls or in person presentations allowing smooth switching between slide shows and live demos.

Messages via Satellite

The expansion of its emergency SOS feature led Apple to introduce Messages via Satellite which facilitates sending messages without a cellular signal using a satellite connection.

New Photos App

IOS 18 presents a revamped Photos app offering clearer navigation an organization. It displays a unified view featuring a photo grid at the top with a theme organized library beneath, simplifying the search for your favorite photos.

Tap to Cash

Apple’s new feature, Tap to Cash, permits users to transfer money by simply tapping two iPhones together using NFC technology for secure, private transactions with no sharing of personal details.

iOS 18 Customizations

iOS 18 offers several customization options such as lock specific apps when giving the phone to someone else, this ensures that personal information remains secure. Users can also arrange app icons and widgets how they prefer on their home screens.

VisionOS 2

VisionOS 2 brings efficiency enhancements and immersive experiences to the Vision Pro headset. Users can now “spatialize” standard photos using AI to create new angles and perspectives. The VR set will be available in eight more countries which expands its global scope.

Developer Announcements

WWDC is just as important for developers. Apple announced that developers could incorporate Apple Intelligence features into their apps using new SDKs enabling creation of apps with generative AI picture generation and enhanced Siri exchanges.

Apple’s New Passwords App

An exclusive Passwords app was revealed by Apple designed to simplify handling stored passwords which includes a new column on the left for easy access.

Smart Script in iPad

A new feature dubbed Smart Script enhances handwriting on the iPad when using an Apple Pencil, offering real-time smoothing and straightening of handwriting aiding legibility and notetaking efficiency. 

Calculator for iPad

At long last, the Calculator app will be available on the iPad offering new features like math notes which carry out calculations directly within your notes. 


WWDC 2024 showed Apple’s dedication towards advanced AI technology all across its platform by launching Apple Intelligence, upgrading Siri and various other updates. These innovations aim to enhance user experiences making Apple devices more intuitive personalized and connected than ever before Stay updated as Apple continues to launch these exciting new features over the year.

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