The Rise of AI Influencers: Meet Aitana Lopez, Spain’s First Virtual Model

The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the influencer market has introduced novel figures like Aitana Lopez, Spain’s pioneering virtual model. This digital persona not only challenges traditional concepts of celebrity but also garners a significant income, earning up to €10,000 per month.

Who is Aitana Lopez?

Aitana, a creation of The Clueless agency, stands out with her distinct pink hair and vibrant personality. Designed by Rubén Cruz, founder of The Clueless, during a challenging period lacking client engagements, Aitana represents a shift towards dependable and controllable marketing figures. According to Cruz, the development of Aitana was spurred by the unreliable nature of human influencers and the desire to maintain control over brand representation.

  • Age: 25
  • Profession: AI-powered virtual influencer
  • Income: Up to €10,000 per month
  • Instagram Followers: Over 300,000
  • Interests: Fitness, video games

AI’s Role in Entertainment and Advertising

The technological landscape has been rapidly evolving, with AI infiltrating various sectors, including entertainment and advertising. Virtual creations like Eternity and Mave, similar to K-pop groups, utilize deep-fake technology to simulate real-life personas. Aitana Lopez and her virtual contemporaries such as Maia Lima are part of this new wave, blending technology with traditional celebrity elements to offer a unique, engaging experience to their followers.

Aitana’s Instagram account, @fit_aitana, showcases her engaging in activities that mimic real-world interactions, enhancing the illusion of reality. Her profile describes her as a “strong and determined woman” with a complex personality that appeals to a broad audience.

Economic Impact and Market Dynamics

The introduction of AI models like Aitana is transforming the economic landscape of the modeling and influencer industry. By eliminating the unpredictability associated with human models, agencies like The Clueless can offer consistent and reliable promotions for brands, potentially reducing costs and democratizing advertising opportunities for smaller companies.

Moreover, Aitana’s presence on platforms such as Fanvue, where she uploads photos in lingerie, and her endorsements with companies like Big, a sports supplement brand, highlight the diverse revenue streams AI influencers can tap into. Despite her non-existence, Aitana even receives romantic propositions from celebrities, indicating the level of realism achieved by her designers.

Critical Perspectives and Future Implications

While AI influencers like Aitana offer numerous advantages, they are not without controversy. Critics argue that they promote unrealistic beauty standards and could influence societal perceptions negatively. Furthermore, the highly sexualized portrayal of such models has raised ethical concerns regarding the impact on societal norms and values.

The agency behind Aitana, however, defends their approach by stating that they are merely adapting to the existing market demands set by real-life influencers and brands. They argue that any significant change in this dynamic would require a shift in brand and consumer expectations.


As AI continues to merge with various facets of daily life, virtual influencers like Aitana Lopez are carving a niche in the digital world. With their ability to attract significant followings and generate substantial income, they represent a new frontier in the evolution of marketing and entertainment. Whether this trend will grow into a dominant market force or face substantial backlash remains to be seen, but for now, AI influencers are here to stay, reshaping our digital interactions one post at a time.

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