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Brett Moffitt out at Hattori; Funded driver to be announced later

Every year we see the ugly side of NASCAR come out. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more frequent. Unless you’re a top prospect with a top team, your road to the top is becoming increasingly harder.

The latest example? Brett Moffitt. The 26 year old driver put up six wins and a Truck Series championship in 2018. His reward? Moffitt is now looking for another ride after Hattori chose to move on to a funded driver.

I don’t blame Hattori at all, by the way. You’re talking about a team that seriously considered skipping races last year due to a lack of sponsorship. They’ve got to do what they have to do to survive.

That doesn’t make Moffitt feel any better though. He’s now tasked with finding a ride for the 2019 season. All he did was perform in 2018, so let’s hope he’s rewarded with some good equipment going forward.

Though he’s 26, he’s an underrated Cup prospect who already has some experience at NASCAR’s top level. It’s not a good look for anyone when a guy like that gets canned thanks to a money situation.

Terry Lambert
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