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ISM Raceway: Weekend Takeaways, Thoughts, & Teasers

Kyle Busch is Really Good

Whether you are a Kyle Busch fan or not, (and it seems there is no in between), his talent is undeniable. He just wins… a lot, four wins in the past ten days if you are keeping score at home. With Busch’s two wins this weekend, he is now poised at 199 career wins in NASCAR’s top three series. This has prompted discussions about Richard Petty’s 200 cup wins, and if the numbers are comparable. I think that’s the wrong question to be asking. There are dozens of reasons why those numbers are not comparable. I think the right question is what does KB’s legacy look like?

It’s hard to make a definite call on that right now because of how young a racer KB is. At 33 years old, with 52 wins in the Cup series, KB is second on the list of active drivers wins list (Jimmie Johnson leads with 83 at 43 years old.) If Kyle Busch’s career continues on this upward trajectory, I would put him in the conversation for the G.O.A.T. NASCAR driver. Only time will tell just how many wins he racks up and where he lands among the all time greats.

Penske Shows More Strength

Starting on the pole, Ryan Blaney was probably the second best car for the majority of the race. Winning a stage and leading 94 laps had to be a definite jolt of confidence for the #12 Team. Penske Racing teammates Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano have already won in 2019, and Blaney made a strong statement with his run at ISM Raceway. Even though he was passed by Kyle Busch with 17 laps to go in the final stage, the #12 car was fast all weekend.

Brad Keselowski also looked to be strong before breaking the sway bar. I am not sure what Keselowski would have had for Kyle Busch, but I would have loved to find out. The continued Penske speed does not bode well for any teams that are running against those Blue Ovals.

The Good Race Trend

Watching on TV, passing seemed to be extremely difficult. The high down force of the cars seemed to make the dirty air downright nasty. A great example was late in the race as second place Ryan Blaney was trying to pass Aric Almirola. Blaney was much faster but it took him several laps to complete the pass. Every time Blaney got close, he would get slowed down and have to change his line to find some air.

There has been much discussion of the new package and the on track product of racing. With the new package, every race seems to be under a microscope with drivers and fans alike all adding their opinions. Now that all variations of the 2019 package have been showcased, the racing is not exactly what some people promised early on. I have tried to have an open mind about this package and seeing the racing it produced. Since the on track product seems fairly similar to last year, I would not be surprised if NASCAR made some rule changes to shake things up later in the year. Who knows what will happen, but don’t be shocked if change comes sooner rather than later.

Nate Zimmerly
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