FDA Approves Moderna’s RSV Vaccine for Older Adults: A Big Victory for Moderna

Moderna needed another income source as its COVID19 vaccine demand declined. The recently approved RSV vaccine, known as mRESVIA, provides this supplement. This First of its kind mRNA vaccine approved specifically for an ailment other than COVID19 aims to protect seniors from severe RSV infections.

Clinical Tests and Effectiveness

Approval of mRESVIA is based on a largescale trial which included more than 37,000 adults aged above 60 from various countries. The tests showed an effectiveness of 83.7% against lower respiratory tract disease due to RSV, which outperforms Pfizer and GSK vaccines with rates of 77.8% and 74.6% respectively.

Strengths and Unique Aspects

mRESVIA comes in prefilled syringes ensuring easy administration by cutting down chances of making any procedural mistake–an expected key benefit for healthcare providers which allows simplification in vaccination process.

Anticipated CDC Advice

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) advisory panel plans a vote on whether or not to endorse and target audiences for Moderna’s RSV vaccine usage by June. A favorable decision could set up competition between Moderna vs Pfizer and GSK whose RSV vaccines received approval last year.

Market Competition and Sales Future View

Moderna competes in a tough market against products like GSK’s Arexvy and Pfizer’s Abrysvo which were approved last year for older adults. However, Moderna remains hopeful regarding mRESVIA’s market potential and has factored in its RSV vaccine sales in the $4 billion revenue forecast for the full year 2024.

Larger Implications and Forthcoming Programs

mRESVIA’s approval displays applicability of Moderna’s mRNA platform beyond COVID19 uses. The technology is being utilized to create several other products like vaccines to tackle cancer and norovirus. There are more than 40 products at various development stages which include a combined shot for flu and COVID19 potentially ready for approval by 2025, and a standalone flu shot.

Long-haul Strategy of Moderna

Launch of new merchandise by 2026 is expected to balance out expenses with sales poised to grow by 2025 according to Moderna. With an increase of more than 60% this year after the company shares dropped almost 45% in 2023, investors have robust faith in the long-term scope of Moderna’s mRNA product pipeline.

Trial Details and Safety

The FDA gave its thumbs up following a third phase trial that exhibited safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. mRESVIA was tested as 83.7% successful at preventing at least two symptoms of RSV roughly at three months mark. Nonetheless, new data recorded a drop to the prevention rate falling down to around to 63% after approximately eight months but no noteworthy safety issues were raised during these tests where most side effects registered were minor or moderate instances like discomfort at injection site, weakness, headache, muscle discomfort, or joint pain.

Hurdles and Factors Under Consideration

“Administrative constraints” implied internally at the FDA caused a delay in its decision on Moderna’s vaccine initially which generated worries among investors about effectiveness of the vaccine as compared with GSK and Pfizer shots. Moderna however highlighted that there can’t be a direct comparison between different vaccines unless head-to-head trials are conducted since individual tests have their own unique participant groups, locations and criterions for defining RSV cases.

Sales Performance by Competitors

Positive sales on record for GSK’s Arexvy and Pfizer’s Abrysvo ever since their respective approvals mirrors a bright market outlook. With $1.5 billion earned by Arexvy in its initial year and $515 million logged by Avrysvo in 2023, Moderna is aiming to win over this market segment using mRESVIA’s distinct qualities.


The FDA approval of Moderna’s RSV vaccine for seniors is a critical development for the company as it broadens Moderna’s offerings variety while also reinstating mRNA technology potential beyond fighting COVID19. As the company prospers in innovation and pipeline expansion, it sets itself on course to tackle severe public health concerns while strengthening its market grip

Expectations are high for mRESVIA to be available ahead of upcoming respiratory virus season which equips older adults with a major aid against severe RSV infection outcomes.


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