Explore the New PAW Patrol Exhibit at The Henry Ford

Curious about the latest family-friendly activities and searching for fun educational experiences for your kids? We’ve got you covered! The Henry Ford in Dearborn has opened its doors to the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit, offering an exciting blend of education, teamwork, and fun. Not only will this article provide you with all the details about the exhibit, but we will also delve into the enriching activities it offers.

What’s New at The Henry Ford?

The PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit is now open. This play-based exhibit aims to help children discover their abilities, overcome challenges, and learn the importance of teamwork. Running from February 18 through April 28, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

Essential Details

Located at 20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, the exhibit is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission to the exhibit is free with the general cost of admission, which varies by age group. Parking is conveniently available for $9.

Activities to Enjoy

From heroic rescues to creative play, the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit has something for every little explorer. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Work alongside Zuma to free a trapped baby seagull.
  • Embark on an aquatic rescue mission with Skye, featuring hopscotch.
  • Use a telescope and climb a snowy mountain with Everest.
  • Help Marshall bake a delicious cake for all of Adventure Bay to enjoy.
  • Assist Rocky in cleaning up Adventure Bay by sorting recyclables into the correct bins.
  • Play pretend in the iconic PAW Patroller and Sea Patroller.
  • Capture the moment with a family photo to remember your day of teamwork and adventure.

Other Exhibits at Henry Ford

Beyond the PAW Patrol exhibit, The Henry Ford offers a variety of other engaging exhibits suitable for children:

Rosa Parks BusA historical journey back to a pivotal moment in American history.
Kennedy LimousineAn iconic vehicle that tells the story of a nation.
The Lincoln ChairA piece of history connected to one of America’s most beloved presidents.
Model Trains & Allegheny Steam LocomotiveFor the train enthusiast in every family.

Why Visit the PAW Patrol Exhibit?

It’s an educational and fun experience for the whole family. The PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit is designed to engage children in learning through play, teamwork, and problem-solving. Plus, with the variety of activities and other exhibits available at The Henry Ford, it’s the perfect day out for families looking for an enriching experience.


Whether you’re a fan of the PAW Patrol series or just looking for a fun, educational outing with your children, the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit at The Henry Ford is an excellent choice. Remember, the exhibit runs through April 28, so plan your visit soon to ensure you don’t miss out on this fantastic experience. Don’t forget to check out the other exciting exhibits at The Henry Ford to make the most of your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the admission costs for the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit?

Admission to the PAW Patrol exhibit is included with the general admission ticket to The Henry Ford. Prices are $30 for adults aged 12-61, $27 for seniors 62+, $22.50 for children aged 5-11, and free for children under 4.

2. Is parking available at The Henry Ford, and what is the cost?

Yes, parking is available in several lots around The Henry Ford. The cost for parking is $9, providing convenient access to the museum and its exhibits.

3. Can I buy tickets to the PAW Patrol exhibit online?

Tickets to The Henry Ford, which include access to the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play exhibit, can be purchased online. This allows for easy planning and ensures you can choose the best day for your visit.

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