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Clint Bowyer throws punches at Ryan Newman after NASCAR All Star Race

Kyle Larson ran away with the 2019 NASCAR All Star Race, capitalizing on a shove from Kevin Harvick to ride off into the sunset and capture one million dollars. It was Larson’s first taste of success this season, but it didn’t end up being the storyline of the race.

After the checkered flag, Clint Bowyer could be seen spinning up the banking and hitting the wall with the nose of his car. Fox cameras quickly panned to pit road, just in time to catch Bowyer running over to confront Ryan Newman. Bowyer then threw a number of punches inside of Newman’s window, who already had removed his helmet.

Bowyer said after the scuffle that he was surprised after the race by Newman’s actions on the cool down lap. He added that he wasn’t even aware Newman was on the lead lap when they were racing late in the event.

“I don’t know what the hell his beef was,” Bowyer said. “I thought he was a lap down. I checked up and he ran into my left rear and that was the last I saw of him. Then after the race he runs into my back and turns me all around. Then I pull up next to him and he dumps me into four. Where I come from, you get poked in the nose for that. So that’s what he got.”

Bowyer finished 12th and Newman finished 13th after each driver had multiple issues throughout the night.

NASCAR met with the two drivers after the race, but confirmed that no penalties would be issued.

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