BTS Controversies: Chart Manipulation and Cult Allegations

This article explores the recent controversies surrounding the global K-pop phenomenon BTS, focusing on allegations of chart manipulation and cult involvement. As these allegations unfold, we delve into the legal responses from BTS’s management agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, and parent company, HYBE, to understand the implications for the band and their global fanbase.

Chart Manipulation Saga

The popular K-pop group BTS has been embroiled in allegations of chart manipulation, with their agency BIGHIT MUSIC facing serious accusations. A dispute involving an individual known as “Mr. A” has led to claims of illegal marketing practices labeled as “sajaegi marketing,” a term used to describe manipulative chart activities.

  • Koreaboo Report: The controversy resurfaced in online spaces, with judiciary and investigative authorities explicitly labeling the incident as involving illegal activities.
  • Forbes Insight: In August 2017, “Mr. A” was sentenced for extortion, further implicating the agency in questionable marketing practices. Despite BIGHIT’s denials, the court’s findings suggest a potential complicity by BTS.
  • Coverage: Contrary to the agency’s denials, the court pointed out that the marketing practices of BIGHIT might have contributed to these allegations.

Despite the legal turmoil, BIGHIT MUSIC and HYBE have pledged to take rigorous legal actions to clear their name and protect BTS’s reputation.

Cult Allegations and HYBE’s Response

Another layer of controversy involves allegations linking BTS and other groups under HYBE to a cult known as Dahn World. This has added to the storm surrounding the agency and its artists.

  • HYBE’s Statement: The company has categorically denied any connections to the Dahn World cult, calling the accusations unfounded and promising to take legal action against the spreaders of these rumors.
  • Background on Dahn World: Founded by Lee Seung Heon, Dahn World is known for its unique beliefs in the unity of man and God, often represented by the deity Mago. Allegations suggest links between this cult and educational institutions attended by BTS members.

In the midst of these controversies, BTS members continue to fulfill their military service obligations, with RM preparing to release his second solo album, Right Person, Wrong Place, on May 24.

Legal and Public Relations Maneuvers

In response to the ongoing allegations, BIGHIT MUSIC has taken a proactive stance:

  • The agency has engaged a new law firm to handle the escalating defamation and slander.
  • Real-time monitoring of malicious postings is currently underway to gather evidence for legal proceedings.
  • Commitment to Protection: BIGHIT MUSIC maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any actions that may harm the rights and image of BTS and their artists.

As legal battles continue, the future of BTS remains a subject of intense speculation and interest among fans and observers alike. With the agency firmly denying all allegations and vowing to defend its artists rigorously, the entertainment world watches closely as each new development unfolds.


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