Brands such as Hershey’s and Friendly’s Ice Cream are part of a recall to Listeria

More than 60 ice cream products have been recalled across the US because of a possible listeria infection. Maryland vendor Totally Cool issued this recall which includes well-known brands like Hershey’s, Friendly’s, and Jeni’s.

Why the Recall Happened

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spotted Listeria monocytogenes in their regular sample test. This led Totally Cool to stop production and distribution for affected products. They now focus on measures to prevent future contamination.

Affected Brands and Products

Friendly’s, Abilyn’s Frozen Bakery, Hershey’s Ice Cream, Yelloh!, Jeni’s (Ice Cream Sandwiches), Cumberland Farms, The Frozen Farmer, Marco, ChipWich, AMAFruits, and Taharka. The range of recalled products includes diverse treats like cakes made from ice creams sandwiches cookies pint variety sorbet. Customers can check the entire list at FDA’s website.

About Listeria Monocytogenes

Listeria monocytogenes is capable of causing an acute health condition called listeriosis. The CDC reports that each year approximately 1,600 Americans get affected by it ending in nearly 260 deaths making it one of the deadliest foodborne illnesses.

Listeriosis Symptoms

Severe headache, High temperature, Muscle stiffness, Nausea, Pain in abdomen. However, elderly young children’s pregnant women immune compromised individuals are increased risk resulting from complications fatal outcomes including fetal harm stillbirth and severe infections newborns if pregnant women are affected.

Where were the recalled products available?

The list of recalled ice cream items was marketed and distributed across the country comprising retail stores as well as direct delivery. Customers that have brought any of these products are warned not to consume them but to return the product to the place it was purchased for a full refund.

Guidelines for those that have recalled ice cream

If you happen to own any one of these recalled products, it is suggested by FDA that you must not eat it. The product should be returned where it was bought from in exchange for a complete refund. If you need more information, contact Totally Cool at 4103637801 from 8 AM 4 PM ET Monday-Friday or email them at

Reactions from Brands

Brands impacted by the recall went public with their reactions. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, for example, stressed its priority for safety and despite there being no Listeria in their production line, they are recalling products as a preventive measure.

“Totally Cool, one of our suppliers found Listeria in their site and has decided to recall all their produce” said Jeni’s representative “There was no detection of Listeria either in our Frozen Desserts Sandwiches nor equipment used. but keeping safety first, Jeni’s has voluntarily agreed on recalling all Sandwiches following Totally Cool.”

Listeria Contamination Overview

Listeria is a durable bacterium that can become a problem once it enters food production facilities due to its ability to spread using contaminated equipment or food items. Strict hygiene and preventive measures are of utmost importance. Remember that at-risk food items often include soft cheeses, deli meats and salads, cold smoked fish, sprouts, and melons.

Effect on Summer Treats

The recall alters the availability of ice cream products frequently consumed in summer. Consumers are prompted be aware regarding the items they purchase and eat. To cross check the items purchased with FDA’s detailed list.

The Way Ahead

Totally Cool along with brands affected are collaborating with FDA to make sure all recalled products get pulled down from shelves while enhancing preventive measures to prevent similar issues again.

For in-depth details including the complete list of recalled products consumers can either visit FDA’s website or reach out to Totally Cool directly.

Stay Alert Stay Safe 

Consumers must stay updated about food recalls for their safety Stop consuming retrieved foods after being notified by related authorities about potential risks caught up with it like listeriosis.


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