NASCAR Next Generation Car Test
Cup Series

Austin Dillon gives us a look at NASCAR’s next generation car

NASCAR is hard at work on their next generation car, looking to go forward with their low-horsepower, high-downforce package. That work continued at Richmond Raceway on Tuesday afternoon with a test session.

Richard Childress Racing and driver Austin Dillon shook down the first version of the NASCAR next generation car, though the total product is far from finished. The body that you see below is not final — it’s just a placeholder as manufacturers work to get something finalized.

NASCAR put a wrap on the body that makes it difficult to see many body details, but you can see the 18 inch wheels, which look like something you would see on a sports car rolling down the road.

One notable thing is that the wheel do have five lug nuts. Rumors have been flying around that NASCAR could move to a single nut wheel moving forward, which may eventually be true, but we didn’t see it today. You can also see the air ducts going above the engine and through the hood.

NASCAR is aiming for 2021 to debut its new look car. They will keep the same rules package as 2019 for the 2020 season, per an announcement last week.

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