Ariana Grande Reflects on Her Nickelodeon Days in ‘Victorious’

In the recent podcast “Podcrushed,” Ariana Grande, along with cohost Penn Badgley, delved into her early experiences being a child actor in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.” This discussion comes at a time when how child actors are treated in Hollywood is under scrutiny, backed by the new Investigation Discovery documentary called “Quiet on Set, The Dark Side of Kids TV.”

Child Stardom Revisited

As a young teenager, Grande became well-known for her role in “Victorious,” which aired between 2010 to 2013 for four successful seasons. She later played Cat Valentine again in “Sam &. Cat.” During the podcast interview, she voiced her appreciation for the chances and recollections from being part of this show. She also mentioned that it wasn’t just about acting it was something they were passionate about and were fortunate to have those experiences.

However, now as an adult, she has been reassessing her connection to that period of her life.

A Safer Environment Required

Talking about herself, Grande admitted having mixed feeling while looking back at Victorious content. Especially discomforted by how risqué elements used for humor were encouraged during filming. She also recalled disapproval over few contents which although not telecasted on the show, found their way onto their website.

Raising a Voice for The Victimized and Speaking Out for Change

Grande backed up victims who’ve shared their stories. She apprised that many lack the needed support at such tender age when performing at such high levels. Also highlighted ongoing process of reconciling her own experiences during “Victorious,”

Conversations with people like Max Martin, who was her pillar of strength in stressful times, made her realize how essential such kind of support is for every young performer

Closing Thoughts

Ariana, while pondering over her child star past, uses her position to push for better safeguards and assistance for young actors. Advocacy for mandatory therapy and stronger parental involvement are broader initiatives to ensure that future performers have an improved environment to work in.

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