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Recapping the Lucas Oil 200: Burton scores first ARCA win

Lap 3: Michael Self fell back to Willie Mullins who hit him several times before turning him into the infield grass on the backstretch.

Lap 8: Back to green flag racing with Eckes and Burton leading the double-file lines.

Lap 11: Gus Dean up from 16th to 2nd leading the outside line.

Lap 17: Gus Dean completes the pass on Harrison Burton to take the lead. Brandon McReynolds drops to the back out of the side by side drafting

Lap 22: Five car break away, Gus Dean, Christian Eckes, Harrison Burton, Natalie Decker, Thad Moffitt

Lap 27: Thad Moffitt comes to pit road to fix window net that had come down. The team adds fuel while he goes a lap down to the leaders.

Lap 30: Three car breakaway: Gus Dean leads, Harrison Burton 2nd, and Christian Eckes 3rd. Natalie Decker in 4th has lost top 3, still rides one second ahead of 5th Riley Herbst.

Lap 34: The second group has caught the top three. Dean, Burton, Eckes, Herbst, Munter, Hall, Decker, & Holmes are single file, all within 1 second of the leader.

Lap 40: Race is now official. Teams have to start making fuel decisions in case rain shows up. Fuel windows are opening up to make it to the end.

Lap 42: Eric Caudell was hit from behind while trying to pit. He crashes hard into the inside wall off turn 4, bringing out the caution. Top 8 were about to come to pit road under green.

Lap 47: Cars getting ready to go back to green flag racing. Burton, Eckes, Herbst, Holmes, Hall, Decker, McReynolds, Quinlan, Corr, Dean are the top 10.

Lap 49: Caution out for Connor Hall spin. Also JJ Pack, Paul Williamson, and Derrick Lancaster with damage after getting caught up trying to avoid the spinning #22 of Hall.

Lap 54: Moffitt back on the lead lap after the caution. Going back green: Burton leads, Eckes 2nd.

Lap 58: Burton still leads, Eckes, Holmes, Herbst, Corr, Quinlan all single file. Behind them different groups trying to make things happen. Brandon McReynolds leading the outside charge.

Lap 64: Leader Harrison Burton has debris on the grill, but Burton says temps are reading ok inside the car.

Lap 67: Top seven cars are lined up single file and running away from the second pack. The second pack is side by side about 4 rows deep.

Lap 69: The second pack has now also gone single file in an effort to catch the first group. Top 7 still the same, Brandon McReynolds leads the second group.

Lap 71: Caution comes out for the 46 of Thad Moffitt who collects the 11 of Jason White.

Lap 74: Riley Herbst pitting under yellow to try and repair a disconnected throttle mount. He has not lost a lap, however, they will have to come to pit road again.

Lap 76: Green flag back in the air. Burton gets to the bottom and leads Eckes. Bradon McReynolds leading the charge on the outside, but almost 25 car lengths back from the leader.

Lap 77: Front six single file. Burton, Eckes, Holmes, Quinlan, Decker, Corr. Gilliland and McReynolds drafting hard running through the front group.

Lap 78: Gilliand pushing McReynolds extremely hard down the backstretch and turns the 28 of McReynolds collecting several other cars. Gus Dean, Leilani Munter, Tyler Dippel all get some damage.

Lap 80: ARCA Racing will attempt a one-lap shootout if the yellow comes out, ARCA will use timing lines, video, and all other tools to determine the winner.

Overtime: Getting ready to go back to green: Harrison Burton leads, Christian Eckes 2nd, Todd Gilliland 3rd (all teammates for KBM Truck Racing).

Final Lap: Harrison Burton grabs the lead with help from Todd Gilliland pushing him hard. Christian Eckes pulls the top line up with Natalie Decker pushing him. Gilliland jumps to the high side and Burton blocks. Harrison Burton wins the Lucas Oil 200 driven by General Tire.


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